Below are listed the books currently in our catalogue. Authored by specialists who have the experience of lengthy involvement with their subjects, each is rigorously prepared to the highest degree of scholarship and takes into account the latest musicological researches and developments.


PDF previews of each book, fully bookmarked for ease of navigation, are available for viewing within your browser or for downloading for future reference. Links to these are provided on each book’s dedicated page.


For details of books currently in preparation, please visit the  NEWS page.

EMP B001



Never Lukewarm
Recollections of Granville and Helena Bantock


Paperback | 60pp.





EMP B002




Armstrong Gibbs: A Countryman Born and Bred


with a catalogue by Michael Pilkington



Hardback | Pages: iv, 308, cat.77, ind.13






EMP B003




Norman O’Neill: A Life of Music




Paperback | Pages: ii, 176, cat.16, bib., scs, ind.16






EM Publishing is the publishing arm of the internationally successful English Music Festival and sister arm to the groundbreaking and celebrated recording label EM Records. Its aim, like that of EM Records, is to make previously unavailable scores and books accessible to all; and, in particular, to facilitate the performance of, or to further research about, English music.


All EM Publishing products are prepared to the highest degree of scholarship and take into account the latest musicological developments and researches.