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Never Lukewarm
Recollections of Granville and Helena Bantock



Paperback | 60pp.


ISBN 978-0-9572942-0-2



In this charming book of recollections, Cuillin Bantock gives a rare insight into the life and work of one of Britain’s great composers. In a series of vignettes, anecdotes and histories, the tale of this most idiosyncratic musician is played out against the unswerving devotion and love of his talented wife, Helena, whose story Cuillin also brings movingly to life through a combination of reminiscences and extracts from her diary. The glimpses that ‘Never Lukewarm’ give us into Bantock’s character go some way to explaining the profusion that we find in such glorious works as ‘Omar Khayyam’, the ‘Song of Songs’, and the ‘Celtic’ Symphony: an intriguing window into a master composer and true eccentric, in the best sense of the word.


CUILLIN BANTOCK was born in Worcestershire and brought up there and in Harlech, North Wales. He was educated at King Edward’s School in Birmingham, and at Oxford where he read Zoology, later becoming Christopher Welch Scholar of the University and obtaining a doctorate in developmental genetics. He attended Camberwell College of Arts in the early 1960s before starting employment  as a lecturer and research supervisor in London. He published several books and a large  number of original research papers in evolutionary ecology before returning to painting full-time in 1989. He is currently Director and Company Secretary of the Art in Perpetuity Trust, a London-based charity concerned with Arts education.

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