EMP B004




Wilfred Brown: At the Crossroads of Human Experience





Hardback | Pages: viii, 239, notes 32,
bib., disc., app., ind. 46



ISBN 978-0-9572942-2-6






Wilfred Brown, famed for clarity of diction allied to powerfully nuanced interpretation, was a leading English tenor of the 1950s and 1960s. An ensemble singer in The Deller Consort, remembered primarily for a definitive recording of Gerald Finzi’s cantata ‘Dies Natalis’, Wilfred Brown was as respected for his singing of the Evangelist’s recitatives in J.S. Bach’s Passions as he was by the BBC for the versatility of his repertoire. His work for the BBC Religious Broadcasting Department, often anonymously, revealed trenchant views conveyed with wit and elegance.


Based on transcripts, diaries, documents and interviews, the book reflects the breadth of perspective gained by a sentient singer, standing “in all weathers at the crossroads of human experience”, as Wilfred Brown described his mission. His teaching and writing would be profoundly influential.

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