Gold lettering and diagonal double-stripe (UK pattern) on a dark red ground



TIE | Woven silk
SCARF | Polyester twill | 137cm x 23cm




TIE | EAN 5 060263 500322
SCARF | EAN 5 060263 500339




We are delighted to announce that the EMF tie and scarf are now available through EM Publishing. Made exclusively for us by Keltic Ties, the foremost supplier in the UK of bespoke neckwear, both are made to our own design and have an elegant colour scheme of dark red and gold with the EMF logo discreetly employed throughout. The tie is in woven silk, allowing a premium, sophisticated finish; while the scarf (measuring 137cm by 23cm) is in a high-quality polyester twill.


If you wish to see the tie’s design in more detail – in particular, the lettering – simply hover your cursor over the image on the left: you can view different parts of the design by moving the cursor up, down or sideways. The scarf is of a very similar design: like the tie, it features a double diagonal of gold and the EMF logo and the legend ‘The English Music Festival’ are placed in an analogous fashion.

EM Publishing is the publishing arm of the internationally successful English Music Festival and sister arm to the groundbreaking and celebrated recording label EM Records. Its aim, like that of EM Records, is to make previously unavailable scores and books accessible to all; and, in particular, to facilitate the performance of, or to further research about, English music.


All EM Publishing products are prepared to the highest degree of scholarship and take into account the latest musicological developments and researches.