Sonata no.2 in A major for Violin and Piano



Pages: 55 (34, comm.9, 12)



edited by Rupert Marshall-Luck




ISMN 979-0-708119-01-2






Walford Davies composed five Violin Sonatas during the 1890s, of which only the third and fourth, in E minor and D minor respectively, were published during his lifetime: these were issued by Novello as Sonatas no.1 and no.2. The fifth Sonata, in F major, was left unfinished, only the first two movements being in a completed state; the manuscript of the third movement is evidently a draft, as it shows signs of considerable reworking and not all the alterations are conclusive. The first two Sonatas, however, are fully finished and there is evidence, from pencilled remarks and annotations in the manuscripts, that both were at least played privately, although there is no record of a contemporaneous public performance of either work.


The Sonata in A major is published here for the first time. The edition is prepared to the highest modern standards of scholarship and includes an appended set of Editorial Notes, which incorporates full details of the sources used and bibliographic references; a Summary Explanation of Editorial Policy; and an Editorial Commentary, in which each alteration to the composer’s autograph is explained and the reasons for the alteration given.

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