EMP SP004 | EMP SP004-2V



Sonata in E-flat major for Violin and Piano


also available with an additional violin part carrying editorial bowing suggestions



EMP SP004 | Pages: 94 (66, comm.13, 15)
EMP SP004-2V | Pages: 109 (66, comm.13, 15, 15)



edited by Rupert Marshall-Luck



EMP SP004 | ISMN 979-0-708119-03-6

EMP SP004-2V | ISMN 979-0-708119-04-3



Gurney’s Sonata for Violin and Piano in E-flat major was composed and revised during 1918 and 1919; and was, therefore, begun in the shadow of the mental illness that was at that time beginning to manifest itself.  It is a large-scale work: cast in four movements, its design nonetheless carries a number of characteristics which serve to ensure its unification.


The Sonata has a dramatic breadth and sweep, its wide-ranging contours recalling in their outlines the undulations of Gurney’s beloved Gloucestershire hills; but the writing still allows space for detailed characterisation: layering and judicious doublings are used to build intensification without recourse to superfluity, and the violin part, in particular, is devised in such a way as to encourage the demarcation of different voicings within what, at first sight, appears to be a monadic line.


The edition is prepared to the highest modern standards of scholarship and includes an appended set of Editorial Notes, which incorporates full details of the sources used and bibliographic references; a Summary Explanation of Editorial Policy; and an Editorial Commentary, in which each alteration to the composer’s autograph is explained and the reasons for the alteration given.


EMP SP004-2V presents the same Urtext score and part as EMP SP004, but also contains a further violin part incorporating the editor’s recommended bowings.

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